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“That’s my dad. Yeah, we had a tricky relationship and he just recently past away, a couple of months ago. So this one was a big moment for me to capture him. I purposely painted the look he gave me before we were about to have a situation and have a disagreement. And I finally got it and once I got it, it really allowed me… ’cause I had about four or five months left on the painting and I was staring at this person who has been a difficult person for me in my life. But it allowed me to get used to this look. And I started remembering all these amazing memories that I had not had before, so yeah this one is very precious. And the show is named after my dad, too. His name is Peter but I called him Pietro my whole life.”
-@christianletts on Flaunt.com now talking about his Pietro exhibit currently at @voilacreativestudio.
Art: Pietro, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 24 inches

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