Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment News via TEEN VOGUE MAGAZINE – August 13, 2017 at 04:28PM

Fashion and Style News from teenvogue on August 13, 2017 at 04:28PM

Currently residing in San José, 29-year-old artist Jessica Fernandez Villalobos draws inspiration for her illustrations from empowered women, music, and travel experiences in her tropical home country of Costa Rica. As you scroll through her aesthetically pleasing feed, you’ll see that her work is a millennials’ dream, featuring snippets of self-love drawings, uterus patches, and some of the most relatable pins we’ve ever seen — and all in ultra-happy hues of pepto-bismol-pink, glittery purple, mint green, and more. We love Jessica’s work not only for its obvious ode to #girlsgirlsgirls, but for the personality she so clearly puts into it. For instance, throughout her grid you’ll peep pictures of things like a suitcase with “so ready to leave” emblazoned on it and a cat with its tail in the air that says, “I don’t care.” “Do it personal,” Jessica told us. “Share your process, your inspiration, even your spacework. Show your love and be grateful to your followers,” she added. Go follow @jess_tales for some rad AF #ShineTheory🌟 and check back next Sunday for more epic art inspo.
Source: teenvogue on Instagram