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Fashion and Style News from beautifulbizarremagazine on August 14, 2017 at 01:37AM

@tombagshaw is one of the most formidable digital artists of our time, his stunningly dark and mysterious women embrace the power of feminine beauty and inner strength. They are honoured and portrayed on the page as women we can admire and seek to be like. There is an intensity captured in Tom’s work, details that have seen him change the views of digital art, his pieces are embraced and highly sought after by collectors. We are so pleased to have Tom present todays TAKE OVER. Today he has shared artists that have been instrumental in shaping his creative path! Please enjoy and over to you Tom .

Thanks so much to Beautiful Bizarre for inviting me to share some of my favourite art with their followers! Quite honestly, trying to pick 7 pieces of work for this has been one of the hardest things I’ve been asked to do, its almost impossible for me to single out just 7 pieces of inspiring work from a world of artists. After a while I decided to take a slightly different route and choose to share artists that have been instrumental in shaping my own creative path, maybe not the specific works by that artist, but without coming across their work I wouldn’t be doing what I do now! (By the way, if anyone is interested in what’s been inspiring me over the last few years you can also check out .
. ‘Torn’ created for the inaugural group show at @menton3’s @ars_memoria gallery in Chicago in 2016. Its a pretty small portrait piece but for me it was one that just came together really well. I have a serious ‘love / hate’ relationship during my working process, I can end up changing things drastically or end up noodling away, rendering unnecessarily- trying to get things ‘right’. But this piece, for whatever reason, just flowed really well and I was / am truly happy with the end result .

@TomBagshaw has TAKEN OVER Beautiful Bizarre socials, check in all day to see some of the pieces that have inspired him!
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