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Natuzzi Italia đź’– Photo Vogue Festival
There are places that make us feel like home. Environments that represent us and see us at ease. They are ideal, real or imagined places, which allow us to freeze time for a moment and access a dimension of harmony with the whole universe✨
Timed with Photo Vogue Festival, Vogue and @natuzzi – the festival’s sponsor – are inviting photographers from around the world to come up with their visual interpretation of the “world of harmony” concept ✨Starting from today until the end of September, the Vogue Italia team will select the 30 best photographs uploaded on Instagram using the hashtags #worldofharmony whilst also tagging @vogueitalia and @natuzzi. The best images selected as a result of the scouting initiative will be displayed at the Photo Vogue Festival and, among them, the most impressive ones will be turned into cards to be distributed during the festival and at Natuzzi Italia stores. Moreover, three deserving photographers will have the opportunity to shoot a spread centred around the Natuzzi Italia world.
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